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Life is much more complicated than most of us expected.

Chances are you're looking for assistance with that.

If ...

  • You feel alone.
  • You have a conflict with someone you care about (spouse, child, other relatives, friend).
  • You are in a rut and your efforts to break free always seem to fall short.
  • Parenting takes more energy than you ever imagined - and you want your energy back.
  • You need healing. Or your relationship needs healing.
  • You want to feel better.

As your therapist, I'm looking forward to helping you find relief and make positive changes that stick.  You want improved relationships and personal growth - and my 18+ years of experience is a powerful force in getting you there.  Therapy sessions with me are warm, practical, and often fun.  I provide a safe environment for changing and improving your life.  Therapy offers relief, hope, and a path forward when life challenges arise.  I have received specialized training in couple's therapy, parent coaching (all ages), and treating trauma.

Today you are one step closer to a new you!

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